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Dear Marie &  Mount Bethel Ministries,

Ms. Wells, from the very moment I walked in and explained my circumstances, your genuine sincerity and compassion to help me (and my child) was so focused.  I felt your heart intent to assist me in any way that was within your power—even suggesting a possibility for temporary help with my rent due to my circumstances.  Your focused attention gave me hope and support.  I will always be grateful to you for that.  It wasn’t just the actual assistance that you knew of and sought after on my behalf, it was your heart intention behind it.  In our world, especially these days, so many people are really numb and don’t really consciously care—it’s “just a job.”  In any position of power and assistance regarding others, to put Care into what you do is vital (e.g. Your Heart Intention for the highest good for all concerned—knowing that when one is empowered, truly we all are).  For in so doing, you offer the opportunity for Hope—a “lifeline” to others, no matter who they are and no matter what their circumstances.

Thank you, Mount Bethel!

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