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Dear Marie &  Mount Bethel Ministries,

Ms. Wells, from the very moment I walked in and explained my circumstances, your genuine sincerity and compassion to help me (and my child) was so focused.  I felt your heart intent to assist me in any way that was within your power---even suggesting a possibility for temporary help with my rent due to my circumstances.  Your focused attention gave me hope and support.  I will always be grateful to you for that.  It wasn't just the actual assistance that you knew of and sought after on my behalf, it was your heart intention behind it.  In our world, especially these days, so many people are really numb and don't really consciously care---it's "just a job."  In any position of power and assistance regarding others, to put Care into what you do is vital (e.g. Your Heart Intention for the highest good for all concerned---knowing that when one is empowered, truly we all are).  For in so doing, you offer the opportunity for Hope---a "lifeline" to others, no matter who they are and no matter what their circumstances.

Thank you, Mount Bethel!

Dear Mount Bethel Family,

Jennifer and I cannot begin to express our gratitude. You have been open arms to cry on, and strong arms to help lift us up. Parenting class was an eye-opener and we learned so much. You take time out of your busy schedule to make sure that we get time with our children/grandchildren.

The topper was getting the Thanksgiving basket. How did you know that we were out of food stamps and very low on food? This basket will get us through the month. Now if only you were able to put a couple $100 bills in the box! Only kidding. It is just a breath of fresh air to hear someone who truly cares about us, and wants us to reunite in a timely manner.

P.S. When we are back on our feet we will try to give back to your group!

God Bless you all
Love to all

To Pastor Glover and The Mount Bethel Baptist Church Staff:

My name is Ms. Thomas and I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the gifts you have provided for not only my kids, but for me as well. I was completely surprised and still burst out in tears when I think about the overwhelming love and gifts I received from your family.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to provide a lot of gifts for my kids this Christmas. I had to get new clothes and shoes, and with my money being cut in half, I knew I had to sacrifice. I was so surprised when JR called me and told me she put my kids' name on a list. I just didn't have time to stand in lines for toy giveaway., so I just trusted GOD and when she told me, I was too happy. She also said that somebody was going to be calling me. I thought that they were just going to verify that I was coming to the church that night.

Needless to say, my kids were blessed at Mount Bethel Baptist Church that night. I met up with Felicia the next morning and when I saw what all she had for me and my two boys, I couldn't do anything but cry! I'm still crying! I had to testify about God's goodness at my church because I was so overwhelmed!

Thank you all again! GOD Bless You All and Your Ministry. I pray it Continues to Grow! Whatever you need from me, just let me know and I'll be there!

GOD Bless You Eternally!

To: Mount Bethel Human Services

This letter is written to express my deep appreciation for the help that was extended to me and my family over the holidays. As you know I recently started dialysis, which in turn reduced my income from five days a week to three days a week. I have some grants that benefited greatly. The mother is a single parent with muscular dystrophy. So the help they receive more than made up for what I would normally have been able to do. Again, I say thank you from myself and my kids.

Blessings to you all.

Dear Mount Bethel Human Services,

Thank you so much for caring and supporting the kindergarten students with Autism here at Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary School at Christmas time. The students were so grateful to be given the Christmas gifts from your wonderful program. A special thank you goes out to Ms. Marie Wells who works so hard putting together the gifts that brought big smiles to our students' faces. It brought great joy to me when I saw the excitement from my students! Thank you again.

Hi, Rosby,

Peace and Blessings to you:

It was such a wonderful day for the Heroes 6K Walk/Run this past Saturday. I was so blessed to be able to participate and complete all 6 Ks. It was a fun morning, I feel so blessed to be part of a greater cause.


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